The project, Supported Education- Support in studies, is a two-year project under the leadership of the Municipality of Uppsala. The project started in January 2017. The project is financed by the Municipality’s funds for social investments.

The target group of the project, Supported Education- Support in studies, is young adults, aged 18-35, with mental disability. The project participants will receive support in their efforts to start, return to, or complete their studies. The long-term goal is that the participants will be competitive in the labor market, with a reduced need for financial support from the Municipality or the Government. The project uses the method Supported Education.

The purpose of the project is to increase the participant’s self-esteem, wellbeing and their faith in society. The short-term goal is that 80% of the participants will have an increased feeling of belonging and mental wellbeing, and that, 60% of the participants will have started or completed their studies within two years.

The target group of the project is young adults, aged 18-35:

  • with mental disability
  • with an established psychiatric care contact
  • who are registered in Uppsala municipality
  • who are motivated for studies

The project has three employees, the project leader/study coach, a study coach and a study- and career counselor. The participant’s support will involve coaching and counselling, encouraging the student when applying for studies, in finding financial support for studies and coordination of the contacts with educational organisers, and other actors in the participant’s network.

If the project is successful, the working method of Supported Education will be implemented as part of the municipalities ordinary activities. The project was established in January of 2017, and thus have no results to present yet.