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Welcome to the SECiSo’s the Supported Education Toolbox book. The book focuses on practical tools and exercises and can be used by anyone working to support students with psychosocial difficulties who wish to complete their studies. The book is a result of three years of transnational project work with the SECiSo project. The target group for the book is mainly academics and practitioners.


Supported Education, SEd, is a rehabilitation method that aims to support young people with experience of mental illness to choose, get and keep the educational situation. The professional can find practical exercises and other tools included in our training package. It is the way in which students with psychosocial difficulties can get help to overcome their difficulties and return to study.

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The material is obtained from transnational and national partners who participated in the first SECiSo project. We have chosen to focus on more practical parts of the method and refer the theoretical parts and for the theoretical parts we refer the reader to the existing toolbox developed in the ImpulSE project (2013-2016).

International SEd toolbox

Hanze University in the Netherlands was the coordinator of the ImpulSE project (2013-2016) which included Norway, the Czech Republic, Portugal and the Netherlands. They have worked out a toolbox for Supported Education. There is a lot of information about the method and suggestions for exercises that can be used in practical work. To the ImpulSE project Toolbox.

Training and process management

In order for professionals to learn the method as accurately as possible, the digital tools need to be supplemented with process management by certified SEd experts. SECiSO’s project coordinator, the National Association for Social and Mental Health (RSMH), is one of the active agents. During the project period, the reference municipalities Uppsala, Helsingborg, Boden, Sundsvall, Stockholm, Skellefteå, Örebro and Östersund will receive free education. Organizations in these municipalities can apply directly to the municipality for free training within the framework of SECiSO 2.0. Other organizations and actors can apply directly to RSMH for training.

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