The Activa Foundation

Activa FOundation

The Activa foundation is a non-profit organization, working locally in the county of Örebro. The aim of Activa is to support people with disabilities or suffering ill health, on the road to employment or education. Activa are using the method Supported Employment.

Activa has an ongoing cooperation with all upper secondary schools in the county. This support is open to all students with various health issues including psychiatric and neuropsychiatric problems. The number of students attending the program is increasing and the overall goal is to help them to complete their ongoing education. Support is provided in school, and sometimes by completing the ordinary course with part-time vocational training at a workplace.

Also, students with intellectual disabilities take part of a program with the aim to support the transition from school for the intellectually challenged, to the labour market. Apart from this, Activa has an apprenticeship program for adults with mild intellectual disabilities.

Activas work is based on Supported Employment. Now we beginning to develop our work with Supported Education in cooperation with the secondary schools in the county. In this context, The SECiSO project fits perfect for Activa.

The founders of Activa are Örebro municipality and the County council. Örebro County has about 260 000 inhabitants. The foundation has (2017) a staff of 38 employees and about 350 participants in various activities throughout the year. The turnover is about 32 000 000 SEK. The applicants usually come through the labour board or the municipalities, and are usually between the ages of 18-35.